Wednesday 28 October 2009

A Short(ish) Introduction

Welcome to my MSc Project Blog!

I’m currently a mature (by age if not attitude) MSc student in my final year at the University of Glamorgan, studying Computer Forensics (or, as it will say on my certificate, the slightly more wordy "Information Security and Computer Crime"). The final year is concerned with my thesis, which in my case will be a major project centered around the subject of digital forensics with relevance to modules I’ve studied over previous years.

The project I will be working on is still going through the approval process, but will almost certainly be a software product covering one or both of the subject areas of Forensic Timelining and Digital Evidence Bags. Both are relatively immature technologies compared with the subject of digital forensics as a whole (and that’s saying something!), and therefore ripe for investigation and further development.

The aim of this blog is therefore two-fold:
  • To document my progress through the year in the completion of my project, and thus to act as the project diary which then becomes part of the eventual thesis; and,
  • To publicise the work I’m doing, and attract feedback and/or suggestions of where the project could go after completion.
All comments are of course welcome, although be aware that I may use anything posted within the eventual thesis if it is appropriate; by commenting you are therefore granting me a non-exclusive unlimited licence to use (either in original, edited or redacted form) any content you post within this blog. Your comments will still retain you as the copyright owner, however.

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